“Where Warmth and Care get Personified’”

Being independent and self reliant are the key features in today’s fast pacing world. Gone are the days, when education got limited to the institutions at a stone throw away distance from home. With technological advancements and other developments in educational sector, it is mandated now to move away from home, for the particular education that the learner’s need demands.

The Boarding at TGWS promotes the following:

An intensive and individualized attention is extended to the students which don’t limit to only academics but also the overall development of the student’s personality.
The teaching system and pedagogical measures adopted at TGWS is just not confined to the textbook materials, but also beyond the walls of the classroom.
The TGWS teachers double up as parents and are keener to help the students beyond their regular routine.
The team spirit and camaraderie of being in the family is developed on campus which positively influence their behavior and mannerism.
The student exposure to various socio-cultural atmospheres is an added advantage at TGWS.

TGWS provides the following Boarding options for students.

Term Boarders
Weekly Boarders
Day Boarders

  Term Boarders:

Students usually be residents in school for all the weekends. Weekend activities are organized for them giving extra attention , care and recognition.

  Weekly Boarders:

Weekly boarders reside in hostel on weekdays from Monday morning to Friday evening. Weekly boarder’s facility is convenient for all the students who are residing nearby.

  Day Boarders:

Day boarders will come to school daily from home. They follow school timetable and avail the facilities of food and transport.

  Life at Boarding:

TGWS offers state of art, high on comfort and safe hostel facilities for the students. Residential School life revolves around separate boarding houses for girls and boys. Each boarding house has Dorm parents as well as House Parents. Students follow an invigorate schedule, which ensures overall development.A large measure of freedom within boarding house time allows students to explore and develop their own independence, enabling them to take responsibility for their own actions and to fill their own time creatively.

The school ensures that each child is highly valued for who he/she is and encourages him/her to learn how to accept and appreciate others.

  Girls and Boys Hostel have the following facilities:

Dorm Parent Room
Warden Room
Sick Bay (First Aid Room)
Music Room
Computer Room
Study Room
Dorm for Boys/Girls

  After School Activities:

Evenings offer the opportunity to pursue art activities, personality development and IQ classes, English speaking classes, table tennis and board games.

As well as residing there, the students have common room facility with library and access to DSTV at appropriate times.

Facilitators and subject experts guide students in home assignments.