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Adventure Campus

“Ladder Towards a Leader”

TGWS has taken up Life and Leadership as one of the core factors of the school training programme.The main objective behind the programme is:

To create a transformed leader who has discovered his/her self in the true sense through experiencing the real experience of adventure , facing challenges and overcoming obstacles through a fine blend of risk taking and virtue management based on a set goal.

In conjunction, the students attend Leadership Adventure Camps and training programmes. All the inter and intra school activities are connected to the central theme of Life and Leadership.

The adventure camps which are integral part of the TGWS Leadership programme aim at the Transformation of the students to be the leaders of their life.

world schools in vellore
world schools in vellore
world schools in vellore
world schools in vellore

The Staged Approach towards Transformation is the spine to TGWS Leadership/Adventure Camps

world schools in vellore

The Leadership /Adventure Camps follow Modules pacing out to three different stages

  • Beginner’s Level
    Pupa (Grade 1-Grade 3)
  • Inter-Mediate Level
    Larva (Grade 4-Grade 6)
  • Advanced Level
    Butterfly (Grade 7-Grade12)
world schools in vellore

Pupa Stage

Sense of Belongingness
Community Sharing
Appreciation For Nature
Humanitarian Values
Concentration Booster
Crossing the Bridge
Rock Climbing
Nature Walk

Larva Stage

Goal Setting
Problem Solving
Rational Thinking
Planning and Execution
Team Building
Persistence and Resilience
Community Building
Acid River
Survival Camping

Butterfly Stage

Self Discovery
Goal Setting
Leading a Team
Risk Taking
Feeling the Transformation
Out Bound Learning (OBL)
Survival Camping